Used Couches Hagerstown, MD

Used Couches Hagerstown, MD Delivery Service

During 2022 OneUp Furniture made the decision to begin offering our Used Couches Hagerstown, MD delivery service. Our online used furniture store provides the people of Maryland the opportunity to upgrade their living room with furniture that they love. If you are in Hagerstown, MD a $250 Maryland Delivery Fee applies to all orders. Hagerstown is nearly 200 miles away from our physical location. 

Are you ready for your used furniture Hagerstown?

Have you not heard about OneUp Furniture yet? Instead of us telling you about our service let’s hear what some of our wonderful customers have had to say about their experiences with us.

Reviews From Our Customers Used Furniture Delivery Experience. 

Gigi had this to say about her OneUp Furniture experience…

We had a great experience ordering with One Up Furniture. My husband and I were looking for couches for weeks on Facebook Marketplace and nothing was working out. During our search we discovered One-Up Furniture and found a couch that we loved!! They dropped it off within 3 days of purchasing, and they carried it all the way up our street for us.

We would recommend this company to anyone looking for quality used couches for cheap and GREAT customer service!!

Even Aliyah had nothing but great things to say about her used couches delivery.

These guys are awesome! The prices are super reasonable and they delivered the next day! I accidentally gave them the wrong directions to the building but they were patient and accommodating the entire time! Couches were great condition and just as described. Can’t recommend this company enough, it was worth every cent!

Let’s not forget about how much Melinda’s dog loves her used furniture.

So excited to get our reclining couch and loveseat! The two gentlemen who delivered them were very professional and kind. I would consider buying from this company again. 

used couches hagerstown md